Case Study        Building a stop motion game

   Role                    Game design | UI Design | Character design | Animation | Screenwriter

   Tools                   Adobe xD, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Construct 3

A prototype of a Musical Platform puzzle game with Stop Motion art. In this game, the only way to move and interact with objects in the scenery is by playing the right melody.

After losing his mother, Hector needs to go through some sessions of regression therapy to overcome the trauma and there he needs to face the darkest places in his mind. The only thing that can guide him is the harp that once belonged to his mother.


The characters were handmade, and the animation was created by using classic stop motion technics. 

The design was inspired by Laika studios movies as Coraline, ParaNorman and Tim Burton animations as well, like Corpse Bride.

Character Design (1).gif

There are only four buttons in the game, and each button has a musical note. By playing a sequence of three notes, you create a melody that can make you move forward, backward, lift platforms and repel monsters. Some melodies attract determinates types of monsters, so you have to play carefully and fast to go through the puzzles.

Game Design (1).gif (3).gif


In the gameplay, the player can collect golden notes that are necessary to open new areas. After playing a level, the level selection menu will update the image and replace it by a Quarter, Eighth, Sixteenth or Thisty-Second note depending on the number of notes that you collected at that specific level. 

prototipo tela.png