This was the first challenge at the tech Bootcamp that I was studying, it consisted in creating a new blog for personas of a startup called Menu.com (B2B platform that connects small and medium marketers and suppliers in a fast and practical way), we had the challenge of capturing 1000 leads in 5 days just for content, delivering posts and Ebooks to the readers without linking the company's brand to the blog.


Squad: 4 Digital Marketing | 3 UX Design | 3 Inside Sales | 2 Dev


Role: UX / UI Design

Anotação 2019-10-31 151818.jpg

Personas study

Anotação 2019-10-31 151901.jpg

Low fidelity prototype.


   The Ux designer had to work closely with the front end developers because one of the requirements was to deliver a blog that attended the first and second levels of accessibility. And we also had to perform a usability test with personas. Bellow is possíble to see one of the usability tests.

Blog final proposal after improvements were applied.  Improvements that were indicated in the usability tests.


 We used Trello to apply the Kanban and Scrum methodology. We performed dailies every day to check the progress of individual and the stacks activities.